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Children and Parasites – What Pet Owners Need to Know

Identifying Parasites

One thing that no pet owner wants to think about is the nasty subject of parasites – or even worse, your pet passing on a parasite to your child. Because of their diet and inclination to eat things they find, dogs are a lot more susceptible to picking up parasites such as worms.

This is why responsible pet owners give their dogs a worming treatment. A dog’s health and happiness will be severely compromised if he picks up worms and the ramifications of parasites being transmitted to members of the family are extremely unpleasant. Continue reading »

Dog Worms Online Editor

Children and Dog Worms

Nasty parasites like fleas, ticks and worms can make life unbearable for your dog. But imaging the stress and trauma if your dog passed on his problem to your children.

Kids are affectionate and love to cuddle and play with the family pet. This close contact could be all it takes for a parasite to move from your dog to your son or daughter.

So it’s important to make sure that your dog isn’t carrying anything that can be picked up by your children. Parasites are more common in dogs than humans due to the fact that we live fairly clean lives and cook our meat. Dogs will happily eat something from the floor or bin given half a chance. Normally this isn’t a problem, but when they come into contact with spoiled meat or the faeces of other dogs (which always causes curiosity in dogs) – the risks of parasitic infestation becomes higher.

However, by preventing parasitic infestation in your dog you are not only protecting him, but you are protecting your family too, especially your children.

How do I protect against parasites?

  • By giving your dog a worming treatment, especially if he’s a puppy
  • By keeping worming treatments up to date
  • By being vigilant and knowing the signs of infestation
  • By keeping your pet and your home clean
  • By giving your dog an anti flea treatment

Protecting against parasites is a part of any responsible pet owners routine. It doesn’t cost a lot and takes hardly any time at all. Most treatments can be mixed in with a dog’s food so he’ll never know that he’s taken his medicine – and the peace of mind from preventing parasites from invading your family is invaluable.

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